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Atwood (Artist: Fellow Hollow) - "Pure intoxication with intense emotion and warmth... Exploring the unknown is no easy task, but Fellow Hollow does so with grit, and the outcome is unfettered bliss."




The 405 (Artist: Wooden Arms) - “Wooden Arms have emerged with a brooding and delicate classical-folk song that is smothered in subtlety, tension and lush reverb."




MXDWN (Artist: Reliant Tom) - "Claire Cuny’s rich, sultry vocals take the forefront. Plinking piano keys and a gradually shift into heavier instrumentation add a dramatic flare to the song, showcasing the undeniable chemistry of Cuny and her bandmate Monte Weber"




CVLT Nation (Artist: Blume Hinges) - "A blissed-out and fuzzy sonic portal"




The Line of Best Fit (Artist: Alexander Carson) - "A perfect blend of modern songwriting and classical musicianship"




The Big Takeover (Artist: The Cordial Sins) - "A delectable meld of alternative, shoegaze, and pop music."




BTR Today (Artist: Reliant Tom) - "Powerful yet soothing vocals accompanied by slow melancholic slide guitar to express the torment, the numbness, and the confusion that balls up inside someone who loses a loved one."




Highclouds (Artist: Fellow Hollow) - “Somber alt-folk ... their lyrics convey intimacy and each vocal lines beautifully delivered, almost pastoral, and sweet"




The Chicago Tribune, Britt Julious (Artist: Fauvely) - "Fauvely's lyrical honesty and straightforward instrumentation make an instantly profound introduction to a creator whose art has a far greater and valuable reach than others may recognize."




Pop Dust (Artist: Reliant Tom) - "Claire's haunting tones invest the lyrics with stark melancholy"




Echoes & Dust (Artist: The Cordial Sins) - "Arresting inspiration, dissembling emotion, and scarce stillness — The Cordial Sins make a beautiful and unqiue meld of rock and pop"




Chicago Reader (Artist: Daymaker) - "Daymaker oozes pissed off charisma and resolve, embracing their underdog status and fully committed to their audience and milieu"




Kaltblut Magazine (Artist: Wooden Arms) - "Their indie folk sound summons an alternate take on a perfectly balanced orchestral setting with a contemporary feel (that) encapsulates an instrumental complexity adorned with superlative vocals that bring each track to life.




Girl Underground (Artist: Wild Year) - "Playfully sparkling from beginning to end, the track’s shine hails from their new-wave roots that gently softens the origin of not giving up on what you want out life and the love and loss that comes from the dream."




Charlie Backfish, WUSB (Artist: Chris J Connolly) - “An impressive debut album with engaging songs, delivered in his tenor voice with solid guitar work, bass and percussion”




American Roots (Artist: Pete Mancini) - "Tremendous songs by a singer songwriter who is at the very peak of his powers and who should really be spoken of in the same way as Farrar, Tweedy, Adams were in their early days of worldwide acclaim…"




Music & Riots (Artist: Reliant Tom) - "An intoxicating blend of avant-pop with beautifully constructed and pliable melodies"